Archetype is a person's characteristic that is independent of the culture. Everybody has an inner victim, child, prostitute, saboteur and many more...

syntinen nainen

There's a child in each of us, but a different kind of child.

Orphan, dependent, forsaken, wounded, nature's son or an innocent, divine child? We should grow out of the role of a child, but without destroying the necessary child inside us!

Do you feel like a victim? Misunderstood or ill used? Do you feel that you haven't got what you want? That you cannot control your life because of circumstances or other people? Recognize your archetype of the victim.

The prostitute indicates how firmly you stay on the path of truth. Or do you sell your "soul" in the name of your own benefit?

Is there any saboteur, destroyer inside you? Do you belittle yourself or the others? Do you think you're unlucky, you can't trust, do you act destructively?